Resident Evil: Retribution


Resident Evil: Retribution

One Line Review:
More of the same that we like, but nothing new to love.

Milla Jovovich returns as Project Alice, but since the last movie she is no longer infected with super powers and still manages to kick ass. She’s still the same character and still hot, but like I said, everything about this film is very copy and paste.
The only other cast member to note is Michelle Rodriguez, who reprises her role from the first film.
Everyone else is kind of a meh cast, standard set of action actors.
However it is worth noting the awesome acting skills of the little deaf girl in the movie.

Not much to say that I haven’t really said already. Thing to note is that it’s too cheesy in places. No spoilers but for about 20 minutes im screaming in my head for Alice to do something so simple that she drags out a fight before she does it. As it’s originally based on a game, this is probably the most video game-esque movie I have ever watched, which adds to its cheese factor, with ammo randomly appearing from nowhere, looting something for some grenades, that kind if thing. However these are the sorts of things that we’ve come to expect in these movies and the ending yet again is a cliff hanger and i will go watch the next one.

Recommend: If you liked the others definitely, first time viewers, watch the others first.
Overall: 7/10

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