Fast And Furious 6


Fast And Furious 6

One Line Review:

Fast? Yes. Furious? Yes. Good? No.


Paul Walker
Vin Diesel
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Michelle Rodriguez
Luke Evans
Tyrese Gibson
Sung Kang


After retiring from the professional criminal racket, Dom Toretto and his gang are back for another job, this time working with the cops to bring down a European terrorist.


Ok the other Fast and Furious movies are a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the first two about street racing and stuff, it’s really cool. Third one, was Ok and they brought the gang back for the fourth. The Fifth however they turned into a heist movie, which intrigued me even more, and i loved it. This one however is by far the weakest. It’s not a heist and it’s not street racing, it’s just the gang taking down a guy. Well, it just doesn’t work. Where to start.
Well, the acting is mostly terrible. The leads, the extras everyone. Despite his aweful performance in Gi Joe, The Rock is probably the best of the bunch.  However, i didn’t go to see this for the acting. The dialogue that the actors have to work with doesn’t make their jobs any better. Cringe worthy comes to mind. But I didn’t come to see this film for the dialogue. The plot is predictable and is a race in itself. Fast paced with slow parts interlinked. But I didn’t see the film for the plot. The action sequences are great, the fight sequences are great, the car chases are great and the stunts are great. I’m not going to use great for my next couple of reviews. But yea, these are what I wanted to see this film for, basic human urge to see big men fight each other and race each other, and on that level it achieves all aspect I wanted it to.
It’s also always nice to have a big Hollywood film set in Britain for most of it.
They real delight is the final scene of the film before the credits roll. No spoilers, but Fast And Furious 7 is on my ‘top upcoming movies to see’ list. No spoilers but i cant wait.

Recommend: Yes, it’s a fun film. It’s not a good film. Lads will love all the action, and if the women sat behind me are any indication, the male members of the cast are nice to look at.

Overall: 7/10


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