Iron Man 3


Iron Man 3

One Line Review:

A good comic book film, better than #2 but not as good as #1.


Robert Downey Jr
Gwyneth Paltrow
Don Cheadle
Guy Pearce
Ben Kingsley
Jon Favreau
Paul Bettany


Whilst still suffering from the effects of the Avengers film (referenced in the film as ‘what happened in New York’), Tony Stark vows to take on a new terrorist threat, spawned from his own past.


Ok that synopsis is a spoiler heavy as im going to get, because the film isn’t about what you think it’s about from the Trailer. Anyway, I loved the first Iron Man movie. It was my first favourite Marvel franchise that i liked (i got into Xmen late and never liked those Sam Rami Spiderman movies), the sequel was a let down from the first and now a third movie has entered the mix and this is where i say if I liked it I suppose. Well I liked some of it. The film can be split into 3 main acts and as with most films the second act is the lull in the film. No spoilers, especially because America has yet to have this film be released yet (what is up with that?) but the second act leaves Tony Stark vulnerable and beaten, so he needs to get his stuff together and do some convenient problem solving. In this entire act, Iron Man is given the worst sidekick ever. In a very Batman like move (more on Bat-like similarities later) he adopts the help of a little boy. Some backward little guy who suddenly knows stuff to help Stark out with his suit and stuff.
Anyway annoying child aside, the film is really quite good. Its still not as good as the first film, but better than #2. There is a big plot twist (no spoilers) with the Mandarin character, and Ben Kingsley is just awesome, with both the Mandarin you think you know and with the plot twist. Guy Pearce is a very good at being the villian but i found his character to be a little off, especially with his villian motive, which was I’m doing this because I can for shits and giggles. Which yea is acceptable, but it just felt like there should have been more than just “Oh you ignored me once, now I can do whatever I want”. I love Favreau’s character in all these Iron Man films and Happy even becomes the Phil Coulson for Tony in this film. Don Cheadle, although he isn’t bad, I just don’t get his character that much in this film. There’s a little bit of his involvement at the end, but even then I just thought his character was in the way too much. Gwyneth Paltrow is hot. Oh its sexist to just leave it there? Ok, well she brings her usual bag of talent as Pepper Potts, she’s great and no spoilers, but kicks ass at the end. Finally what can I say about RDJ that hasn’t already been said in countless other reviews of all 4 of his iterations of Iron Man? What can I add that a million tumblr blogs haven’t already expresssed in gif form? Well I’ll say it again, he’s great. He knows just how to portray sass, he knows how to deliver those one-liners that make you laugh, and put simply he plays genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropists really well.
Right I mentioned Batman right? Well apart from that act with the boy wonder sidekick, I feel like the writers saw Dark Knight Rises and thought “This did really well and Batman is in only about half (if that) of the movie, so lets do the same here and have Stark do most of the work in a film called Iron Man.” Its not as bad in this as it was in DKR because Tony Stark is much more fun character than Bruce Wayne is. There’s the part where Tony is left broken and defeated in the one place that has the answers to solve his current predicament, just like Bruce did in Rises. There’s another really big similarity between this and Batman Begins, but it mildly spoils the big reveal for the film, so i wont say it, but its there.
One thing I loved, was Tony’s reaction to the events of The Avengers Assemble. Not really a spoiler but he starts suffering panic attacks when people make him think of what happened in New York. Its a very human response and it really solidifies the fact that, in the paraphrased words of Stark himself that he is “just a man in a tin can” battling aliens, and without the adrenaline of actually being there, remembering those events, makes him crap himself.
So yea, overall, I liked it. It doesn’t surpass any of the original Pre-avengers films (except maybe Hulk) but it’s better than Iron Man 2.
Oh and yes there is a scene at the end of all the credits, nothing in reference to Thor or any upcoming Marvel film, but a funny reveal of Tony’s narration throughout the film.

Recommend: It is still a good film, there is a lull, but not too much to be bored over.
Overall: 7/10


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