One Line Review:
A pretty decent action movie, with a similar plot to The Raid meets every video game ever.

Star Trek 09’s Doctor Leonard McCoy, Karl Urban leads the movie as the Judge Dredd. Despite only being able to see the guy’s mouth and chin the entire movie he does a really good job of become the character though his vocalizations. On the topic of only seeing chin and mouth, it has been theorised by my friends and I that Urban should play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie, this movie should be treated like a massive audition tape for him, so Warner Brothers pay attention.
Only two supporting cast members to note first being Olivia Thirlby, who plays Dredd’s new ‘apprentice’ who is revealed (in the first 10mins of the film so not really a spoiler) that she is a psychic. Using her judge skills and psy-powers she is a cool sidekick. Finally Game Of Thrones fans pay attention to the villain of the flick, Ma-Ma played by Queen Cersi, aka Lena Headey. Is a really good villain and really good at the messed up side too.

This is an easy film to review because it’s very middle. It’s got nothing to brag about, but similarly nothing to slate. The action stuff is really good, the one-liners are average, and the plot all makes sense, due to its simplistic nature. My only gripe is the slomo drug. From the trailer you see the effects slow the user’s perspective of time. The times this is shown in the film are un-necessary. Most of the times it is used the only thing we see is a slow panning boring background with some unfocused glass/water/something floating in the foreground. It’s not necessary. I don’t know if the drug is something from the previous lore in the comics but i feel any kind of other drug could have been used, maybe something to do with temporary psychic powers/visions? Either way that’s my only gripe.

Recommend: Yes, it’s a good watch.
Overall: 8/10

2 thoughts on “Dredd

  1. it was made before The Raid, it just had a longer post-production because of all the VFX. So unfair to say it was ‘heavily influenced’ by The Raid.

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