One Line Review:

Almost as confusing as Inception, but not as enjoyable.


James McAvoy
Rosario Dawson
Vincent Cassel


When a painting is stolen, the one man who knows where it is has suffered amnesia and undergoes therapy to unlock his mind, but they unlock more than they bargained for.


Your probably thinking, ‘wow Noel doesn’t usually go for this type of film, will he be reviewing Evil Dead next?’ No i have no desire to watch Evil Dead, but yes I’m firm believer that a good cast can make any film watchable. Is Trance watchable, yes. Do I like the film, no. Do I think it’s a good film, yes. I’ve said it before that there is a fine line between me liking a film and appreciating that it’s good, a good example is There Will Be Blood, i can see it’s a really good film, well acted and everything, I just don’t like it.
Anyway back to the film at hand, there’s not really much to review. It’s a psychological thriller that you really need to pay attention to or you could get lost in its very fast paced plot. Whilst watching the film I was rather bored in certain parts, but when reflecting on it afterwards it occurs to me that it’s actually a really good story overall.
The cast are all really good, McAvoy goes from the different stages of his mental sanity really well.
A rare mention for the cinematography, that’s means camera stuff. There’s one shot in this film, i wanted to point out and it’s probably not very original but i liked it. There is a scene where McAvoy is on a roof and he stands on the edge delivering dialogue, and the camera pans from behind him to look down and back again. It was a little part of the film, probably no more than 5secs but i remembered it now reviewing it.

Yea, not my best work in reviewing this, it really is a ‘meh’ film which I find the hardest to review. Nothing to praise or slate makes for a crap review.
One a side note, nudity alert. Rosario Dawson goes full frontal and both the main male leads show their naked selves too.

Recommend: It’s watchable but i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
Overall: 5/10


One thought on “Trance

  1. The characters weren’t anything worth going crazy about, but at least the performances were good and kept me watching to see what would happen next. Nice review Noel.

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