The Five Doctors


The Five Doctors

One Line Review:

A classic story that has remained for the last 30 years.


Peter Davidson
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Richard Hurndall


5 of The Doctor’s regenerations are abducted from their respective timeline and must combine forces to take down their captor.


What’s this? First Noel reviews Trance a film he wouldn’t normally watch, and now he’s reviewing a film that isn’t a film and it’s from the 80’s? Well this is a special case review, for a friend. Ok, well just to point out, I’ve seen every episode of Doctor Who, from the other movie with Paul McGann all up to Saturday evenings watching Matt Smith. Well I liked The Five Doctors. It might have had 5 versions in it, but everything made sense to me, and really its just a overlong good episode of the TV show, which I think it actually is (season 20 Episode 23). Most of it is really enjoyable, but i still had a few gripes. There was one part where Sarah Jane Smith supposedly falls down a cliff she then requires help to get back up. Now watching the film, what she actually falls down is the world’s(or Gallifrey’s) smallest ditch. Apart from that it was all really enjoyable. I loved that it showed the different Doctors figuring out the same thing (where they were and that certain things weren’t real)
The other thing to bare in mind, is that this was made in the 80’s. The special effects look like they were made in the 80’s, so it’s not their fault for looking tacky at times.
I liked the first Doctor, and i know that Richard Hurndall wasn’t the original actor, but i liked the grumpy old man character, despite him being the Doctor at his youngest state.
I liked the second Doctor. He seemed to have the most comedic lines and he’s just funny to look at with his bowl cut and funny trousers.
The third Doctor however I found bland. He was just there and cheerful and that was it. He wasn’t grumpy, he wasn’t funny, he was just there.
The fourth Doctor, well I suppose it doesn’t matter if I reveal spoilers, but the fourth Doctor gets trapped in the time vortex and i believe only archived footage of him was used.
The Fifth by far my favorite of the five. He had the humour, he had the clever stubbornness and he is kinda the leading role.
As well as the aforementioned Sarah Jane Smith fall, the other companions also seemed just as useless. Except The Brigadier, he provided some humour for the second doctor to bounce off.
I think the 5 Doctors is a very place to start for New-Who fans to start on for watching the older episodes. It’s got Doctors, companions, Daleks, Cybermen and The Master. Gotta say though I do prefer the New-Who TARDIS designs, the fifth one at least was very bare and simplified.

Recommend: Yes New-who fans don’t be put off, it’s still a classic story.
Overall: seems weird giving this a score but 8/10


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