One Line Review:
Finally am original movie idea, pity the movie is a little long for it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as one half of the main stars and Bruce Willis plays the same character 30 years later. Both are on top form, and both work well with each other, there’s a particular scene where Willis is just telling him all about how much of idiot he’s being and it works really well. Bringing up the rear in noteworthy cast members is a Noelfilmreviews favourite, Emily Blunt, who again is on usual top form.
One further thing I want to leave here is there is definitely something going on with JGL’s face in the film. Now I haven’t done any research on the matter, but there is definitely something either CGI or makeup wise done to him in one the close up shots to alter his face a bit to make it feel more Willis-esque. This didn’t need to happen. As an audience member, who saw the trailer, i get and believe that it’s the same guy.

It’s a really good movie. The first act is awesome setting up both/the one character. The third act where everything is wrapped up is also really good. The middle second act however, is slow. Very slow. This film would be so much better if more of that middle but ended on the cutting room floor.
The other flop in the movie (which unfortunately actually works in the film) is the explanation of time travel. Every time someone asks about time travel they are shunned with an “its too complex”. Which leaves out the boundaries for plot holes but i was disappointed as time travel fan to hear their take on it.
Other than that and without giving too many spoilers away, the movie is pretty solid. I had a few issues with something that happens with the boy towards the end of Act 2, but spoilers. It’s a really good action/sci-fi movie, and as with most films like this there are a few parts that are unintentionally funny, but that might just be me and my friends.

Recommend: take a drink and some sweets for that second act, but yes definitely one to watch.
Overall: 8/10

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