21 And Over


21 And Over

One Line Review:

The Hangover meets Superbad, and it isn’t as good as either of those films.


Miles Teller
Skylar Astin
Justin Chon
François Chau
Sarah Wright


After a night of drunken frivolity, two friends try and get a third home when they have no idea where they are or where to go.


It’s Identity Thief all over again. Rip off already successful franchises to make a quick ‘buck’. Well just like Identity Thief, at the time of watching, sure it’s funny, but on reviewing it falls flat. Teller’s character, in some points is really funny, despite being a ripoff of Seth from ‘Superbad’ meets Allan from ‘The Hangover’, but most of the time he’s just really annoying. Astin’s character, although a similar sort of ripoff of Evan from ‘Superbad’ meets Phil from ‘The Hangover’, is slightly better.
The premise of the film is ripped straight from ‘The Hangover’: guy needs to be somewhere important, but goes out drinking beforehand, is made incapacitated and it’s up to his friends to right all their wrongs. Except this is the 21 year old version.
There are still some good things to enjoy when you watch the film, there’s funny dialogue, ridiculous stunts involving Jeff Chang’s unconscious body and an angry bull. However don’t expect much to stay with you after the film.

Recommend: Sure, for a quick fun film, it’s ok.
Overall: 6/10


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