Olympus Has Fallen


Olympus Has Fallen

One Line Review:

Die Hard in the White House.


Gerard Butler
Morgan Freeman
Aaron Eckhart
Rick Yune


A former Presidential Guard is the President’s only hope when a Korean terrorist group takes over the White House.


Before I saw this film I thought it would only be a good film for Americans. Here in Britain, most of us aren’t that patriotic, we mostly don’t care who’s in power as long as someone is and we mostly don’t really care about the Queen anymore. Americans, however are (stereotypically) very patriotic, and (yet another) movie that focuses on Uncle Sam’s Commander And Chief wouldn’t appeal to anyone outside the US, however that is not the case. As soon as I saw this film all those pre-opinons went out the window and i remembered that I like action/thriller movies too. The best and most obvious comparison for this film is Die Hard. Guy with police/military experience is trapped inside a hostile building and the only hope of someone he cares about. To be honest it is the best Die Hard since Die Hard (if that makes sense). As far as Die Hard sequels go, this is better than all of them, and as far as action movies so far this year, Olympus is better than G.I. Joe.
If you want action and kick ass-y stuff, this film is right up your street. If however you want a film that has been written well, this isn’t for you. I’m not talking about the story/plot, that’s pretty straightforward, no I mean the dialogue. Several times sitting through this film, i smirked and shook my head at some really cheesy and awful dialogue, the best/worst of which being ‘How about we play a game of fuck off, you start.’
Cast wise everyone is on top form, Gerard Butler is always nice to watch, Morgan Freeman doesn’t do too much, but sat in a chair delivering dialogue in his voice is all he needs to do. Aaron Eckhart on similar good form.
Like i said the story is pretty tight, you get the connections between character right away, it’s not too long and the explosions and effects are good too.

Recommend: Action fans, sure. Gerard Butler fans, sure. Everyone else, only if there’s nothing else to watch.
Overall: 7/10


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