Star Trek Into Darkness


Star Trek Into Darkness

One Line Review:

Contender for best sequel ever.


Chris Pine
Zachary Quinto
Benedict Cumberbatch
Karl Urban
Simon Pegg
Zoe Saldana
John Cho
Anton Yelchin
Alice Eve

With Noel Clarke, and Bruce Greenwood.


When one man threatens Starfleet, it’s up to Captain Kirk, his crew and The Enterprise to hunt him down and discover the truth.


When the JJ Star Trek planets credits go up at the end of the Midnight Showing of both Star Trek and Into Darkness at Sheffield’s Cineworld, I turned to my friend and said “How the f@#& am I supposed to review that and not spoil it?” Basically, I can’t. So here is the non-spoiler section, and I will post a separate spoiler review later at some point. Ok normal reviewing mode, well it’s obvious I loved it. I mean talk about emotional responses. I cried. I laughed. I yelled in disbelief. I hate the phrasing but it’s an emotional roller coaster.

There is nothing about the plot I can say here, but I think it’s genius.

JJ’s last Trek film was slated for his over exposure and inclusion of ‘lense flare’ well sorry folks but there’s a lot of flare. It’s means nothing to me, it just makes it all seem more real to me, but heads up. A new thing he does a few times, I can’t say I remember noticing it in the ’09 Trek but Into Darkness has a thing where JJ has put things inbetween the camera and the actors. So instead of lense flare blocking them, it’s a pole or a bottle or something. Again, to me, not a problem, adds to the realism, just look out.

Ok actors. Huge buckets of win all around. All original cast members are all still 10/10 from the first film. Now, newcomers Cumberbatch and Eve. Both with British accents. Cumberbatch’s suits him, Eve’s for some reason doesn’t, which I’m sorry for singling her out, but she is the only flaw in the flawless cast. Her acting is fine, just the accent seems out of place.

What else can I say here? The IMAX is fantastic. All the times where it’s “on screen” with the massive IMAX screen and the scene just happens to be full screen, it’s literally looks like an actual view screen rather than the movie screen. Visually stunning, the music is note for note on the nose. There’s not much else I can think of non-story wise.

Recommend: If you’re going to see this film, you’re already there. If you’re not already planning on going to see this film, well I can’t convince you. You either want to see this film as the sequel to the 09/first one, or you don’t. No-one should have this as their first Trek. Watching the ’09 Trek first, makes this film better.
Overall: 10/10 it’s a pity I don’t have the infinity symbol on my phone.


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