Hangover Part 3

hangover 3 650

Hangover Part 3

One Line Review:

A better sequel than 2 was, but somehow a worse film.


Bradley Cooper
Ed Helms
Zach Galifianakis
Ken Jeong

With John Goodman, Heather Graham and Justin Bartha


Doug is captured by a drug dealer and will only be released if the wolf pack can retrieve the insane Mr Chow.


Damn this film is terrible, (and i do find my reviews become slightly worse, the more I disliked the film I’ve watched) which is a pity because I loved the first one and the second one was meh. It’s supposed to be a comedy and with that i usually expect to, for lack of a better word, LOL. But there is no LOL fun to be had in Part 3. Are there humours moments that you internally accept is funny, but show no actual signs of laughter, sure, but that’s not what you except from this film.
The three main guys are back, the fourth is still kidnapped, so plays a more cameo role and yes the crazy Asian guy is back. But just because this worked once, doesn’t mean it’ll work again, never mind a third time. So yea, the entire cast seems to give tired performances and the Alan character has gone from a simple dumb guy to full blown, over the top and annoying at times.
The only 2 good things about the film, is the fact that the story is finally slightly original, rather than doing what Part 2 did, which was use the same premise with different context. The other is Ken Jeong. I might have referred to him in my head as Chang (his character from my favorite sitcom, Community) but he came the closest to finding some actual humour.

Recommend: No. Avoid.
Overall: 3/10


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