All’s Fair

All’s Fair

One Line Review:

A less funny Dogma, if it swapped productions with Clerks.


Stuart is a very successful ‘Alternative Therapist’, however his skills are put to the test when the God of War walks through his door.


You might be reading this thinking “I’ve never heard of this film, what is it?” Well branching away from Hollywood hits, today I am reviewing an Indie flick. Not my usual thing, I’ve reviewed films, plays and shows before, but now we venture into the dark recesses of Indie Film.

Well I liked it.
The writing was great. I chuckled and appreciated all the dialogue and the story all made sense to me. However, I did only really ‘get/understand’ the meaning of the title of the film when it popped up at the end, although maybe that’s a good thing.
The cinematography, albeit definitely Indie Flick, was inventive at times. The weakest scene had to has to be the second scene/the scene in the park, and really the only thing to let it down, is the fountain noise/feedback whatever, masking some of the dialogue on my, albeit tinny laptop speakers. However some of my favourite parts include the ‘box’ part and the first time we see Ares use his powers.
The acting varied from meh to good, with Elliott’s Ares being my clear fave. It took time to warm to Turner’s Stewart, but when I was there he was good and worked well with Elliot. Unfortunately, if I’m reviewing honestly, and not just saying I loved it all because I know the Director, but Ogilvie’s Aphrodite was the weakest link. I’m not saying she is bad, just not as good as the other two.
I love the story. Old God’s are back in the modern eye (Between Thor and Percy Jackson/Clash Of The Titans, all bases are covered) and I would happily watch a sequel with more old god characters involved.

Recommend: Yes, definitely. Everyone has 30mins spare just watch this, it’s even free on Youtube, so no excuses.
Overall: 8/10


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