One Line Review:

Sci-Fi meets Apocalypse, and they get along just fine.


Tom Cruise
Andrea Riseborough
Olga Kurylenko
Morgan Freeman
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Set in the future, a simple drone mechanic soon discovers secrets that change his entire perspective on life. (that’s a crap synopsis but i really don’t wanna spoil the big spoiler in the film)


A difficult one to review without giving away the big spoiler of the film, but i suppose it’ll help keep it short. Well it’s a great film. I had heard mixed reviews beforehand and i can say the negative ones were wrong. What I will say is that when the action and the cool Sci-Fi stuff is happening it’s very good, however there are quite a few filler scenes in between all this that are quite boring, character relationships and what not, aren’t what I wanted to see this film for.
Cast wise everyone is great. Cruise never disappoints and just when you thought Morgan Freeman couldn’t get any cooler, this film achieves that by adding him with a cigar and Dracula cape.
No details but I was completely blind sided by this film. I only got the big story plot points when the film wanted you, I didn’t see any of them coming.
A quick post movie chat with my friend and we pretty much had the story/plot all figured out, so definitely better than say Prometheus.

Recommend: Sci-Fi fans, it’s a must see. Everyone else, yea it’s still a good film.
Overall: 8/10


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