Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers.


Star Trek Into Darkness SPOILER REVIEW.

One Line Review:

Contender for best sequel ever.


Chris Pine
Zachary Quinto
Benedict Cumberbatch
Karl Urban
Simon Pegg
Zoe Saldana
John Cho
Anton Yelchin
Alice Eve

With Noel Clarke, and Bruce Greenwood.


When one man threatens Starfleet, it’s up to Captain Kirk, his crew and The Enterprise to hunt him down and discover the truth.


Ok so i had to repost the top stuff to avoid spoilers on my home page. Read my non-spoiler review first, then come back to this:

Ok first spoiler, just a little one to get off my chest KHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!
I’m sure at some point someone officially said, Khan isn’t in Into Darkness and we were lied to. At first I was unsure if I liked Khan as the bad guy, then woke up out of the coma and realised that yes it’s the greatest thing ever. Cumberbatch is fantastic as the character Khan. Is he the Khan we know from Star Trek 2? No, it’s not Ricardo Montalban. But as a genius, impervious genetically altered psychopath, he’s fantastic. He’s a great villian and his story for this is very rewarding.

Right, something else straight from Wrath Of Khan, the radiation chamber that saves the enterprise whilst killing off a main character, except this time it’s switched. Kirk goes in to fix the engine and is trapped with the radiation. They have their “we’re chums” chat, although never actually saying the immortal words, but still getting me to well up slightly, and when Kirk falls to the floor, the most satisfying part of the film is then Spock raising his head and giving the traditional KHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNN yell. Genius.

Ok next up Pike. Christopher Pike. There’s 2 great scenes in the beginning of Kirk and Pike, and just like in Avengers, they needed Coulson to “Die” (I’m not convinced) Pike is killed by Cumberbatch which enrages Kirk to make it personal. Pike’s passing scene also nearly had me bawling (not as much as Kirk + Spock did).

Klingons. One scene we see Klingons. Actual ridges in the heads and everything. They look cool. We only see one Klingon without a battle mask of some kind but then it’s all out fighting after that. And there are Bat’Leths. And they look cool. And now I’ve used and to start 3 sentences. I wasn’t keen on the one Klingon we saw having rings/jewellery in his ridges, but it’s nothing to moan about. A nice conversation in subtitled Klingon too, was pretty nice.

Ooh any Next Generation fans out there? Look out for a familiar looking, not the same one mind, but a similar looking ship to the Enterprise in TNG. Too bad it’s a baddie ship and is actually the one we see destroying San Francisco rather than old ncc-1701. That ship looked cool with the familiar design and that it’s in black.

I loved the bit at the start where they abandon the Prime Derective and the local people then worship an Enterprise symbol in the sand. That was cool.
The opening was cool. Looking back it tells you all you need to know, this guy is trouble and his blood can cure the sick/recently dead.

Leonard Nimoy returns. It’s only for a very short period of time, I can’t say I whole heartedly approve of his cameo in this, but i won’t argue in seeing Spock Prime some more.



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