Identity Thief

Identity Thief

Identity Thief

One Line Review:

Like ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ and ‘Due Date’ before it, a funny road trip movie at the time, but meh overall.


Jason Bateman
Melissa McCarthy
John Cho
Jon Favreau
Eric Stonestreet


When he finds his identity has been stolen, Sandy Patterson must find the woman responsible and bring her back to Denver from Florida.


Pretty sure I’ve seen this film before? Oh wait no its just stole the majority key points of many other films before it, as i mentioned ‘Planes, Trains And Automobiles’ and ‘Due Date’ being the big two. Mainly what all three share is having two main characters; one a successful, rich rule follower, the other being fat, bumbling and has a larger than life personality. This film is nowhere near as good as those two films but has its merits. A comedy is almost always guaranteed to make you laugh while you watching it at some point, even if afterwards you can’t remember what you laughed at, or upon rewatching you don’t find it as funny. That is the case here, laugh out loud funny while you watch it, afterwords, not so much.
Jason Bateman slips into ‘ordinary guy just trying to live his normal life’ character really well, it’s familiar territory for him and it works. The only other work I’ve seen McCarthy in is Bridesmaids and she too seems to be playing a safe role of a ‘larger than life, loud, over the top’ character. Really this film is everything that is wrong with the movie industry right now. Nothing new, reusing the same material, because it will, in the very least bring in money for the short term.
Other cast members include John Cho, playing it safe (i assume this was something he did on his early days off from Star Trek), Jon Favreau has a nice cameo at the start, and the biggest surprise and clear winner for best performance is ‘Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. His scenes were by far the best in the entire film.
Other than that there’s not much else to say, other than the story is highly predicable, but not terrible.

Recommend: It’s a good watch, but only if there is nothing else to watch.
Overall: 6/10

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