Jack The Giant Slayer


Jack The Giant Slayer

One Line Review:

More family fun than the recent steam-punk fairytale movies, but still a good watch.


Nicholas Hoult
Ewan McGregor
Eleanor Tomlinson
Stanley Tucci
Bill Nighy
Ian McShane


Traditional fairytale story with slight alterations. When a beanstalk destroys his house and sends the Princess of the land, Jack and the Royal Guard must venture into a world of fantasy to bring her back.


Well, it wasn’t what I expected, but it was still pretty good. Its also a pretty hard film to review, because it wasn’t ‘knock it out the park’ great, but similarly it wasn’t a bad film. There’s not a lot to praise but not a lot to slate. All the cgi effects for the film are up to standard (apart from a dodgey looking bell that breaks a wall). If you’re a named character in the film, the acting is up to par,(particularly Ralph Brown, who people might not recognise as Wayne’s World 2’s roadie who collected brown m n m’s for Ozzie Osbourne)  if you’re in a supporting role, not so much (particularity the scene setting opening 5 minutes with the two lead characters as children and each one with a parent who has past by the time the main story takes place. Either way all four are the worst actors in the film). As a Star Trek fan I loved that all the soldiers in this film wear a red uniform and most die in some way during the climatic battle at the end. No spoilers but the scene before the end credits was pretty cool. Its definately more a family film than the previous steam-punk fairytale films we’ve seen recently (Snow White and the Huntsman, and Mirror Mirror, both which was terrible, and Hansel And Gretal, which was dark and awesome) This film is definately in the middle of the ones so far.

Recommend: Yes it’s a good watch.
Overall: 7/10

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