One Line Review:

My favorite, stereotypical Statham film, perfect blend of crime and action.


Jason Statham
Jennifer Lopez
Michael Chiklis
Nick Nolte


When a fellow thief is double crossed, he puts all his efforts into tracking them down.


Great addition to the one man army movies Statham is piling up. I really love these films with a “gentlemen thief” and Statham brings it back from Transporter and delivers. Don’t get me wrong, enjoyment does not equal high quality, just like with Hansel And Gretel the other week, both good film which I highly enjoyed, but wouldn’t be considered great film in history. All the typical Statham points are present, big fights, topless-ness, gravely one liners and shootouts. All great. As far as the story goes, if you ignore the many holes (how quick is it to hot wire a car?) is pretty good. It draws elements from the heist/crime genre and drops them into the familiar action we oh-so crave.
As with most Statham films, unless they are a know name, they can’t act for toffee, which is almost acceptable, if we wanted high class acting we’d watch something else. That said however, this might be Statham’s best performance to date. He gives us stunts, emotional range and accents, it’s more than I can do, (a stage production of A Christmas Carol featured my god awful cockney accent). J-Lo was really good and when you have talent and look as hot as J-Lo you don’t need much more from life.
It’s got violence, humour, and really makes me want to visit Palm Beach.

Recommend: Yes, it’s a good film.
Overall: 8/10

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