Welcome To The Punch


Welcome To The Punch

One Line Review:

Fails to meet its potential, by being a bit fat pile of meh.


James McAvoy
Mark Strong
David Morrissey
Andrea Riseborough


A police detective with a grudge is brought onto a case when the man he is after resurfaces in London.


One hand seeing a British film for a change is really good, and this film had big potential: an interesting plot with recognisable actors. However it fails to meet all this.
With a movie there needs to a connection of care between character and the audience, unfortunately throughout this film there is very little caring about the characters. McAvoy is a good actor, but can’t play rugged, almost grizzled cop. He doesn’t have that edge. I don’t know if he’s too young, or has typecast an audience’s/my view of him by playing Charles Xavier, an iconic good guy. Mark Strong fits into London gangster perfectly, however playing the borderline villian, you have no stake in cheering for this character. This is my first time seeing Andrea Riseborough and overall she was pretty good.
Even before I saw this film and as soon as his first scene in the film starts, i knew David Morrissey would turn out to be a bad guy. His characters just have that air about them, (even hearing him with his British accent, and not his Walking Dead American accent).
The plot makes very little sense and some aspects, like above, are just too obvious. At the end I gave a sigh of relief that it’s only just over an hour and half long.

Recommend: Not really, avoid if possible.
Overall: 4/10

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