Oz The Great And Powerful


Oz The Great And Powerful

One Line Review:

Oz the great and awesome. Disney can do no wrong.


James Franco
Mila Kunis
Rachel Weisz
Zach Braff
Michelle Williams

All the casts performances were great, however I thought throughout the film, it’s a good job James is related to Dave Franco, because they have the same smile. Clearly Disney decided to hire the most talented eyecandy, for the dad’s who see this film, with 3 stunning leading witches. Also seeing/hearing Zach Braff just makes me smile and want to rewatch my Scrubs box set. Look out for great cameos by Tony Cox, Bill Cobbs and Bruce Campbell.


A prequel to the 1930’s musical, showing how the great Wizard Of Oz came to Oz, deciding the difference between being great and being good.


With Disney behind the reigns it was hardly going to be a failure (nobody mention John Carter) and it really is a beautiful feel good film. I saw it in IMAX and even the first 10/20mins prove how effective the right use of IMAX can be. The opening is akin to the 30’s in that it’s cropped to a lower aspect ratio and presented in Black And White until we get to Oz. Whilst the letterbox effect is on, certain 3D effects leak into the side and it looks really cool (from fire to snowflakes, it’s very cool), then the rest of the film all has effective use of 3d and the IMAX makes the beautiful world come to life.
Its funny for a family film, usually comedic relief from Zach Braff’s flying monkey.
The film sets up the 30’s film perfectly, story wise, however unfortunately I’ve never seen The Wiz (something i would like to rectify as soon as possible) so i dont known where it fits in with that story.

Recommend: it’s definitely a good film to watch, but still definitely a family film, action seekers avoid.
Overall: 8/10

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