Hansel and Gretel: Vampire Hunters

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters 1

Hansel and Gretel Vampire Hunters

One Line Review:

Biggest surprise of the year, way better than expected.


Jeremy Renner
Gemma Arterton
Famke Janssen
Peter Stormare

All the cast were spot on, no award winning performances, but good nevertheless.


I went into this with the idea that it’s either going to be Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, or Snow White and The Huntsman, fortunately it’s more like Lincoln. I really had doubts, but after seeing it, they were all in vein. It’s a great film. Fun but dark films, are a good mix. It’s got one of the best “killing people” scenes ever, (for those that have seen the film, im talking about Edward’s introduction, everyone else no spoilers, but watch out for that Troll). Because it’s a 15 they also managed to have a formula for injecting curse words where they just have to best effect rather than frequent use, loved it. All the special effects were good, it’s funny, and because it’s short, there isn’t a dull moment. There is a slight lull during some scenes where the two heroes are separated, but even then humour is a plenty (including the correct application of a wet cloth, no spoilers).
On a side note, not something that I usually comment on, but is equally as important in films, compliments go to the makeup department. The witches in this film all look fantastic. From the 3 main witches to the all the witches we see throughout the film. One witch’s hair in spikes just looked scarily awesome.

Recommend: Definitely
Overall: 8/10

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