A Good Day To Die Hard


A Good Day To Die Hard

One Line Review:

It’s a good time for this franchise to die hard.


Bruce Willis
Jai Courtney
Sebastian Koch


John McClane returns to help out his wayward son in Russia, only to discover he’s in deeper than he thought.


And I thought Warm Bodies was a disappointment. Well where to start? Willis. Anyone who has seen the first four Die Hard movies and more recently Looper will know this guy can act when he wants to. Unfortunately Die Hard 5 seems to have been more ‘Cop Out’ Willis acting, which is very disappointing. I liked Courtney in Jack Reacher and he’s sort of good in this, I’d look out for this guy in the future, he’ll be one to look out for. The story, was also disappointing, right from the go apart from the initial “Oh it’s McClane bring on the bad ass” you soon don’t care for any of the characters, similar to what we saw the other week with Bullet To The Head, you have two main characters that, despite being family, just don’t get on and thus loose the audience caring about them. The action sequences are alright, nothing stands out though. I saw the film in IMAX, and some other reviewers commented on the cheap effects used, however IMAX must brush them up to an acceptable level. Even the one bloody line we want to hear in a Die Hard film is snubbed to “Yippie Ki Aye Mother….”

Recommend: With a total lack of anything resembling the initial Die Hard, avoid for the most part.
Overall: 4/10

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