Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies

One Line Review:

Less Zom-Rom-Com, more Zom-Boring.


Nicholas Hoult
Teresa Palmer
Rob Corddry
John Malkovitch
Dave Franco


In an apocalyptic future, humans live in fear of the zombies, but when a Zombie falls in love with a girl, it sets in motion a change in them all.


This film had huge potential. The idea behind the story, post-apocalyptic hope and a rom-com. On paper its should be the best film ever. However, past the good idea, the film never takes off. It’s really flat, the acting isn’t great, the comedy isn’t past a titter of funny and I just wanted so much more from this film. There’s a really good thing it does do, which is a very comic book esque thing, of voice over whilst the lead zombie is incapable of speech. That worked really well. Apart from that, intrigue and hope kept me going throughout the rest of the film.
Hoult, who I really liked in the Xmen prequel, does an ok job playing a Zombie, but something never sat right, same for the rest of the cast really, even Malkovitch. Dave Franco is hit or miss, sometimes (like in Scrubs or 21 Jump Street) he’s good, but in others, especially here, he just comes off as annoying.
One of the main things that really annoys me in scifi films is when rules aren’t set as to what can/can’t happen. This film annoys me more, by setting rules and not following them. It is said right at the beginning, these are the slow Zombies, Zombie shuffles, Walkers. So why in the next scene are the zombies running. Don’t lay down rules if you don’t stick to them.

Recommend: If there’s nothing else to watch its not that bad, but don’t go out of your way. Very disappointing.
Overall: 5/10

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