Bullet To The Head


Bullet To The Head

One Line Review:

A bullet to the head would be more enjoyable.


Sylvester Stallone
Sung Kang
Jason Momoa
Christian Slater


When two mercenaries are set up, one of them teams up with a out of town detective to find our why.


Where to start. Well the cast was awful, the story was awful, just the entire thing was boring.
First the cast. Sly really is awful. There’s a thing in acting called Intonation. It’s where an actor raises and lowers his/her tone to suit a line. Sly says all his dialogue on the same Sly tone. It’s not a good thing, whereas Schwarzenegger managers to inject a slight bit acting Sly does not. I would even go as far to say that Sly mumbles more than Harrison Ford. Sung Kang is just as awful. He’s wooden and i didn’t belive any of the scenes were he shows anger towards Sly. The only decent performance in the film is from Game Of Thrones’ actor Jason Momoa. He’s pretty good.
Next the story. It’s held together by a thin string of a plot, that isn’t really good. The premise is a business man wants to knock down a derelict warehouse to build some apartments. That doesn’t sound very villainous to me. The two main characters (Sly and Kang) argue and don’t get along the entire film. Now this might be seen as a new look on things, but it never really worked. I found myself not really rooting for either side. Sly is technically a villian, and Kang isn’t a likeable cop. There’s a flimsy reason why most characters die, other than Sly’s character wanted to kill them randomly. Kang is a detective, where at the beginning of the film is told to keep radio silence, and yet he is ringing them up every ten minutes to ask for stuff.
From the trailer, it looked like the whole story is based around Sly’s daughter being kidnapped, however this only happens with around 30mins left. The plot might have been better if the entire thing was based around this, in a Taken-esque way.
Positives, if any, the few action sequences aren’t boring, they aren’t anything to brag about, but not bad. Also the soundtrack/score throughout is very country rock, to which I was toe tapping to.

Recommend: No. Do not see this film, i dont want a sequel to be made.
Overall: 3/10

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