The Last Stand


The Last Stand

One Line Review:

Action packed, sprinkled heavily with comedy cheese.


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Luis Guzman
Johnny Knoxville
Forrest Whitaker

What can I say. Well without reviewing the meat of the movie too early, this is the best bad movie ever. The film is good but all the actors give terrible performances. In the case of Schwarzenegger, that’s kind of his thing, which he just uses and it works, but only in a Schwarzenegger kind of way. Luis Guzman is funny, but not a good actor, exact same for Knoxville.


When an escaped prisoner escapes custody in a 1000 horse power car, it’s up to a local Sherrif and his team to stop him crossing the border.


Well, as a film and story its really good. It’s high paced, high action, and there are some really funny moments. The last half hour of the film, which the entire thing is building up to, is perfect. The run up there takes time to get up to speed, but once it’s there its well worth the wait. High speed stunts with this uber-car on the way to the finale are fantastic. The shoot out, nearer the finale, fantastic. The finale, you guessed it, the word of the day is fantastic (I’m trying to limit my use of the adjective awesome). No spoilers but the film ends up in a fist fight between our hero (Schwarzenegger) and the escaped Mexican convict. It proves that Arnie really still is the godfather of action movies. You can’t help wince most of the fight, love it.
Knoxville needs a mention for his character’s batman level of gadgets and tools. From a mini gun, to a flare gun, to a shield, this guy is crazy and awesome…err I mean he’s great.
There were a couple of things that annoyed me though. Through out the film the fbi (lead by Whitaker) constantly update themselves on how long the car has to reach the border. Now at the beginning of the film, one guy says the car has 45mins to reach the border. About 45mins later into the film, Whitaker says they have 45mins left to stop him, like no time has gone by at all, so slight annoyance at that. Another thing is with these types of movies is to insert a love/romance angle in there for good measure. This film is no different, as two of the side characters are posed from the first time we see them to end up together, it’s not rewarding when they do and I fail to see the need to add flimsy side things like this, in a movie that needs nothing more than the pure action packed bullets that Arnie is sweating through the film.
Negatives said, it’s still a great film to watch. Definitely one for the dads and fans of old school action packed films.

Recommend: You like action films, definitely, but i could see some not liking it, not to be sexist, but this film is not aimed at women.
Overall: 8/10

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