Movie 43


Movie 43

One Line Review:

The first mismatch story movie to work since Love Actually.


Hugh Jackman
Kate Winslet

Liev Schreiber
Naomi Watts

Anna Ferris
Chris Pratt

Kieran Culkin
Emma Stone

Richard Gere
Jack McBrayer

Jason Sudeikis
Justin Long
Kristen Bell
John Hodgeman
Uma Therman

Christopher Mintz Plasse
Chloe Grace Moretz
Patrick Warburton
Matt Walsh

Gerard Butler
Sean William Scott
Johnny Knoxville

Hall Berry
Stephen Merchant

Terrence Howard

Elizabeth Banks
Josh Duhamel

Phew. So yea, cast list broken down into their each little mini sequence. Well, cast wise the film got some of the best actors around today and gave them little moments of awesomeness. No performance was bad, otherwise they don’t deserve to have been cast on the first place.


On the hunt for a “Ring-esque” video online, 3 teenagers watch some weird videos on the internet.


Right, I’m going to review these individually first, and I’m going to use the names for the segments that are on IMDB.

Ok so the overall plot that ties all the skits together is pretty lame, but suits the needs well. Having the skits as internet clips is a really good idea for this type of film.

First up is “The Catch with Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. No spoilers but it’s one long joke for the entire skit and yes gets tiring after a while, this making The Catch one of my least favourite ones.
“Home Schooled” with Liev Schreiber. Really funny. A family explaining their methods for home schooling their child to some drastic methods, really funny stuff.
“The Proposition” with Anna Ferris. Similar to the first one, it’s one long joke (you’ll know what it is from the trailer) so similar to the first one, not one of my favorites, but slightly funnier than “The Catch”.
“Veronica” with Emma Stone. It has Emma Stone in it, so I can’t really dislike it, but it’s actually really funny, as their sexual convosation is broadcast over a store tannoy.
“iBabe” with Richard Gere. As an anti Apple/Android fanboy, it was rather satisfying to see this little sketch poking fun at Apple and Apple Fanboys, so naturally its really funny.
“Superhero Speed Dating” with Justin Long. By far my favourite one, although the title gives away the plot. It has Batman in it so why wouldn’t it be my favorite, really. It’s DC, it’s funny, and Kristen Bell is hot.
“Middle School Date” with Chloe Grace Moretz. A funny prod at how little men/boys know about women/girls.
“Happy Birthday” with Sean William Scott. Funny, not a favourite, but not bad.
“Truth Or Dare” with Stephen Merchant. Loved this one, absolutely hilarious. Definitely my second favourite. Look out for several shots when Merchant is too tall for the frame. Love it.
“Victory’s Glory” with Terrance Howard. If you’ve seen the red band trailer, you’ve seen pretty much all this skit, so come movie time, it’s not that funny.
“Beezel” with Elizabeth Banks. A weird cartoon cat tortures Banks. Funny but by far the most disturbing humour of the lot, and that’s saying something.

Recommend: If crude humour is your thing, yes definitely.
Overall: 8/10

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