Wreck It Ralph


Wreck It Ralph

One Line Review:

Retro fun, with a modern twist.


John C Reilly
John McBrayer
Alan Tudyk
Sarah Silverman
Jane Lynch

It’s a voice cast, so they all spoke well? Although one minor point, even though I love me Tudyk, his character, King Candy, the voice Tudyk chose is an impersonation of Ed Wynn. Now I want it known to anyone that reads this, that Ralph Garman does a better Ed Wynn impression than Tudyk. That is all.


Just like in Toy Story when your not looking the Games come to life. When Ralph, a bad guy, decides he wants to be a good guy, he sets off on a quest for glory.


Well well, 2013, it isn’t even the end of January yet and already hit after hit (Les Mis wasn’t really my thing, but never mind) I loved it. It’s Disney, how could it fail? It’s about games coming to life how could it fail to impress? (nobody mentions Tron!)
I loved it. Well where to start, ok, the characters. Just like a Disney movie everything falls into place. You love the good guys (in this case Ralph the bad guy) and you hate the bad guys.
Love the animation. The game Ralph is from, Fix It Felix Jr, the characters are all done up to modern day graphics, but they still move like 8 bit characters, and it works really well. Everything else is just beautiful.
As expected it’s full of humour, childish puns, and references to other games, some of which might go over the head of some children in Disney’s usual target audience (at one point there is a Metal Gear Solid quest noise) but there’s plenty they will get, including Sonic and Pacman. As soon as the story is steered into the driving game, Sugar Rush, it’s a rush of sweets and (if your American) candy based jokes and puns, my favorite being “Oh no we are in Nesquick Sand”.
The music is slightly dubstep-esque but it’s not too annoying, topping the credits with what I think is another Owl City song, who did the song for the Owls Of The Guardians movie (Note that’s not it’s proper title).

It’s just an over all fun movie. Anyone who’s played a video or arcade game will find something to enjoy, because at the end of the day, it’s classic Disney movie, even with its own princess (Spoilers)

Recommend: Definitely see this movie. If you have kids, use them as an excuse to see it. If not, see it anyway.
Overall: 9/10

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