Django Unchained


Django Unchained

One Line Review:

Move over Basterds, Django is my top Tarantino film.


Jamie Foxx
Christoph Waltz
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kerry Washington
Samuel L Jackson

Watch out for cameos by Jonah Hill, Michael Parks and Herr Director himself, Quentin Tarantino.

All the cast in this film are spot on. I don’t know who to praise first. I love Waltz’s over the top flamboyant bounty hunter. I love the pure character progression that Foxx shows from bumbling slave to becoming his own man. I love DiCaprio’s eccentric villian and I love every word that Samuel L Jackson says.


After Django is released from slavery, he teams up with a German bounty hunter to rescue his wife from a plantation owner.


At first glance from posters and trailers you might be lead to believe this is a western. If I review this just as a western, it only gets an “ok” rating. Now if I review this as what it is, half western and half action film, this has top 10 potential already for 2013 (most likely behind Star Trek Into Darkness and Thor 2). This film is immense, proving why Tarantino is hailed as a movie god. It has some really intense action shoot out sequences, it has tension for the villian almost getting his way, it has romance and most importantly, in true Tarantino style, it successfully imerces high levels of comedy into the story.

Now I think any review that skips over this next part is being too cowardly. I read before I saw the film, a lot of “controversy” and reluctance of the very frequently used term, hence force dubbed the N word. Now it’s true that in this modern century the word has unfortunate negative connotations, however in the time this film was set, the word was in general use. I don’t think it’s usage in this film is inappropriately used, in fact I giggled at dialogue spoken by Samuel L Jackson joking over the title of a black Hercules fighter called “Niggales”. When people find offence to anything like this, it boils down to this is a film. It’s not offending anyone, it’s just trying to tell a story.

Enough movie politics, one last thing I do want to mention is the soundtrack. Now around 90% of the film is either expected western score and country songs, the other half being expected Tarantino classical pieces, including Fur Elise. The final 10% however includes two separate uses of RNB/Rap songs. Now I hate this type of music so the film’s only negative point comes from personal taste.

At around 2hours and 45mins its a long film, but none of the time is wasted, and most of the trailer stuff is gotten out of the way early to give way for fresh material, don’t worry, I operate a strict no open spoiler code of conduct, but my fave scenes include the first meeting of the KKK, Samuel L Jackson’s introduction and the scene where Django first tastes beer. No spoilers, but after you’ve seen the film, you’ll understand.

Recommend: Definitely.
>Overall: 9.5/10

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