Cockneys VS Zombies


Cockneys VS Zombies

One Line Review:

As far as Zombie-Comedies go, its one of the best, rivaling even Shaun Of The Dead.


Harry Treadaway

Rasmus Hardiker

Michelle Ryan

Honor Blackman

Richard Briers

Alan Ford

The unknown (to me) cast members did ok, but Alan Ford just knocks it out of the park, his character might not have been original for him, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s still hilarious. Not enough Richard Briers for my taste though.


A team of thieves try to rescue their Grandad from the Zombie outbreak.

I liked it. It’s cheesy as hell in parts, but what is an over the top zombie movie supposed to be? It’s filled with some good, some bad gore effects and some mostly cheap cgi explosions, gun fire and smoke, but what movie of the genre hasn’t. I loved all the scenes with the old folks home, and again everything Ford says is just comedic genius (not keen of the Northern slander being a Yorkshire-man myself). I love these types of movies, usually British, where the script is 80% new ways to insult someone (Ryan’s “I’ve got tits, you tit!” a personal favorite).

There were a couple of obvious continuity issues in the film, that both me and my friend commented on during the film, doors opening randomly and zombie numbers alternating between many and few.

Recommend: Yes. I was upset I missed it in it’s limited theatrical release, but £5 from Morrisons is well worth it.

Overall: 8/10

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