Jack Reacher


Jack Reacher

One Line Review:

All the detective-ness of the TV shows I like and all the action of the movies I like.


Tom Cruise
Rosamund Pike
Richard Jebkins
Robert Duvall
David Oyelowo

Now I’ve never read the book, so I have no quarrel with any of the casting of the film, everyone gives great performances. However I saw the film with my Grandad and he told me that in the book, Reacher is described as 6ft 2 and built like a brick house. Cruise is physically impressive of course but a little short. However as a non-book reader, he’s fine.


An army detective is brought onto a homicide case of a veteran he once defended in the past.

A very bland and basic synopsis, but I don’t want to give too much away, even from the trailer. So really, my one line review pretty much sums up my opinion of the movie. I love mystery solving tv shows, Castle, Psych, House…etc and this has all the factors of a good mystery show. I love movies and this has action sequences and laugh out loud comedy moments. It is a perfect mix of all the media I love. Really I found no fault with this film. I love it. You can moan that the film adaptation is different from the book, but when is that not the case? Cruise nails the part and I love the anti hero of the character its such a change from all the justice and good guy attitude we get from all the superhero movies of late, e.g there’s no way Captain America would hang up the phone on a ransom call (not the best example but no spoilers). The only thing i will say is that maybe on a re watch now I know the plot, it won’t be as thrilling.

Recommend: Definitely
Overall: 9/10

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