Pitch Perfect


Pitch Perfect

One Line Review:

Mostly not my kind of music, but underneath it all is a modern rom-com chick flick, that’s really funny.


Anna Kendrick
Skylar Astin
Brittany Snow
Anna Camp
Rebel Wilson
Adam DeVine

Elizabeth Banks
John Michael Higgins

Actors and singers alike all good, casting directors were lucky to get a cast that can sing and act together well. Side note that Brittany Snow is hardly recognisable with red hair. And, yes, I’m a young single nerd so, yes, lots of very attractive ladies in the cast, lead appropriately by Kendrick. I had my doubts that she could lead a cast, but she pulled it off with flying colors. Look out for cameos by Donald Faison and Christopher Mintz Plasse.


Becca wants to be a DJ and when a group of acapella singers find she can sing, she is roped in to helping them win the big acapella contest.

So first things first, to get it out of the way, the music. It’s all sung perfectly. Loved the singing. Not my choices for music, but then heavy metal wouldn’t fit right with the film.

Ok the film. It’s really funny. Not quite profanity Ted funny, but for a standard comedy its really funny. It’s really a typical rag tag group of under-dogs vs the popular kids throughout the film.
The story flows really well and by the end the pay off is really rewarding.
Any film that loves and makes references to The Breakfast Club is awesome in my book.
There is some clear character progression from the start to the end.

Already mentioned most of the songs, so no more.
There is one character, who’s name I can’t remember, but right at the start he is introduced as a giant Star Wars nerd and nothing becomes of that. No singing Vader’s theme or the Cantina Song.

Recommend: Not my usual sort of film, but yes a very good watch.
Overall: 8/10

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