Rise Of The Guardians


Rise Of The Guardians

One Line Review:

Proof that Dreamworks is still a contender in the animated world, with a perfect family film.

Voices of:

Alec Baldwin
Hugh Jackman
Chris Pine
Isla Fisher
Jude Law

All the voice acting is pitch perfect, we did however spend the entire movie guessing who Jude Law was, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy and James McAvoy were the contenders. Baldwin’s Western European Santa and Jackman’s Australian Easter Bunny all hit the spot.


As I said at the beginning its a perfect family movie. It’s magical enough and funny enough for anyone watching it. Really it holds its own in a world where Pixar/Disney rules the animated game. However with Wreck It Ralph not out until next year and Brave not hitting the spot too much, Rise Of The Guardians is a nice breath of cold fresh air. The story is centered around Jack Frost, the young magical icey being we all know, and his journey to discover himself, and save the world with the help of the other magical greats.
The animation in the movie is really tight and good, from Sandman’s golden creations to the feathers on the Tooth Fairies. If I’m being critical of the animation, it is that Santa (or North as he is referred to in the film) has times and angles where his face and beard look tacky, but then he’ll turn around and all will be cool, but that was just the one thing that I kept noticing.
Heavily lacking in pop culture references, but there is a really big Jurassic Park nod with a huge brontosaurus and the first couple of notes of the Jurrasic Park theme.

Recommend: Families and everyone alike, there is much to enjoy.
Overall: 8/10

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