Seven Psychopaths


Seven Psychopaths

One Line Review:

It’s a comedy, so ultimately its funny, but sadly also confusing and boring.


Colin Farrell
Sam Rockwell
Christopher Walken
Woody Harrelson

All the cast were really good, however this might only be his second film I’ve seen, but i just don’t like Sam Rockwell. I don’t know what it is, if it’s his cocky character, that he plays in both this and Iron Man 2. Big tops to Christopher Walken, he’s one of the few people who I think can do no wrong and he proves it.


A movie writer (Farrell) is struggling to conceptualize his new movie, titled The 7 Psychopaths, which he takes influence from his con artist friends (Rockwell and Walken). However when a con goes wrong, and they steal a psychopath’s (Harrelson) dog, things get a bit too real to write down.

Pros: It’s a comedy so there are several moments that are quite funny. There are some really good twists in the plot that liven the story a bit and some really good “dream sequences” that are part of the movie within the movie. Within the movie they constantly pick apart and self review the movie they are writing, which mirrors what’s happening in their real life. Complicated but intriguing.

Cons: A lot of the scenes in the movie are too long. Lots of excess dialogue, and waiting around for something to happen. The story behind the “rabbit guy” (from the trailer) is really boring and serves no real purpose. Even though it’s a comedy, 80% of the funny is found in the trailer.

Recommend: Not much else on, sure.
Overall: 6/10

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