One Line Review:
Best indie British film since Four Lions.

Rarely do I watch a movie where I don’t know any cast member, this however is one of the exceptions to the rule. Alice Lowe and Steve Oram lead the cast as the happy couple that go on holiday. Supported by a similarly unknown cast.

Now I’ve purposely not said much in the cast section as im going to mention it here. The story of the film is pretty good. It’s a non-stop hilarity, the humour found usually in Producer Edgar Wright’s films (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz), but with added serial killer vibes. So its really funny, really good, there is however, a however. Now I dabble in amateur stage performing myself, and without sounding big headed or anything, but the actual acting throughout the film was a little off. Not enough to spoil or loose the film in anyway, I had a great time watching this, just, like the movie In Time; aweful main acting but a very good film.

Recommend: Yes.
Overall: 7/10


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