Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook

One Line Review:
A lovely witty movie that succeeds on all levels.

In around July-ish, i was struggling to think of movies I wanted in my top ten, recently however there has been a surge in these little comedies that just exceed expectations. This is one of those movies. It’s a really good film and perfectly toes the line of the rom-com genre. It’s got the right amount of comedy to story/character development. Two characters get together after they loose their respective partners and rocky relationship is grown. Sprinkle in some other crazy side characters (ocd family and crazy friends) it really brings a good experience.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star as the two main characters who’s loss of personal life brings them together. Both have really good characterisation, and equally good chemistry together, you really want them succeed in the movie. On a small note, move over Alison Brie. The top spot for female celebrity crush, is currently with Jennifer Lawrence. She has definitely gone up in my books, not just physically, but she is a far better actress in this than she was in that aweful Hunger Games film. Similar with Bradley Cooper, but his stand out film was Limitless. Wedding Crashes and The Hangover show his comedy actor talent, this shows he is actually a really good actor to boot. Robert DiNero starts the movie as just a bland character, but there is one scene in the middle where he starts tearing up and shows us just how awesome of an actor he really is. I remember back when I first saw the trailer for this, I turned to my friend Tom and said “Is that fat Chris Tucker?” for the remainder of the trailer I said it was, he said it wasn’t, and never been more smug than when his name came on end of the trailer. Although I cheered at the trailer, really his part in the film is minimal, he provides a recurring humour point about escaping from the asylum, but other than that not really stand out for him. I think I might rematch Rush Hour again soon.

Recommend: Definitely.
Overall: 9/10

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