One Line Review:
Slow in places, however throughly enjoyable.

This is a very enjoyable movie. It opens with two “Bond” esque plot spoilers. First an animated one, over the opening credits, which is fully enjoyable. The second is a red herring for when we the audience believe the plot is actually progressing, when in fact, it’s all dream and the movie begins properly. There are several moments during the film that fail to maintain a high pace, but something enjoyable is definitely not far away.

A mixed main cast. Fighting for the British are two of our favourites. Colin Firth as the main protagonist is his standard blustering, slightly pompous stereotypical British man. Alan Rickman is our antagonist, who delivers a perfect take on an eccentric millionaire. Fighting solo for the American side is Cameron Diaz. Unfortunately, every now and then I found her to be rather annoying. There was nothing wrong with her acting, however I did find her Texan accent to be rather irritating at times.
Bringing up the supporting cast is the always enjoyable Stanley Tucci, as a German art enthusiast.

Recommend: Yes, definitely enjoyable.
Overall: 7/10

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