One Line Review: The description says it’s a Drama, dramatic is a massive understatement, suspense drama sounds better.

Ben Affleck not only directed, but stars as the leading role, a CIA agent tasked with the retrieval of 6 American people hiding in Iran. When Kevin Smith says he wants Affleck as the shark in the remake of Jaws, i was skeptical of this, until I understood how awesome he actually is. The emotion and range just from this one role, as well as directing, is mind blowing. Now for the rest of the cast, i feel like Affleck saw Red State and decided to put as many actors in it he could get, first John Goodman. He’s awesome in anything he does, yes including The Flintstones, his character was definitely a favourite. Then Kerry Bishe, playing a much older/mature role than I’ve seen her before. Michael Parks even manages to scrape a cameo. Also on the cast worth nothing is Alan Arkin, who definitely stole the show as the comedic relief, senile old actor. Everyone else I can’t name by name, but the entire cast were awesome.

Ok. As soon as the Warner Brothers logo comes on screen, I lean over to my friend Tom and i say “This movie is going to suck”. At the end of the film I lean to him and say “I want it on record that I suggested this film, because that is in my top ten of the year.” This film is awesome. I felt so much for every character in this film, more so than most, whether this is because it’s all based on true events or the script and performances were all air tight, probably both. It’s a fun, but suspense heavy ride throughout the film. At the beginning when everything is put into motion, in the middle where there is a scene where they drive through a protest gathering or the end when they are trying to make their grand exit. Just edge of your seat, will they won’t they, what if’s and OMG moments. I’m not going to divulge much more of the plot, as like I say you need that suspense, but i was more scared for the characters in certain scenes of this, than the entire watching of Silent Hill 2. The entire film is one big minefield the character have to safely get out of. It’s the most serious thing ever, but then suddenly a Wookie and Boba Fett will appear. It has a brilliant way of giving you a break from all the serious action with plot moments set elsewhere.

Recommend: Definitely, everyone go see it.
Overall: 9/10

One thought on “Argo

  1. I thought the same thing, really loved it and hoping to write my own review today. One of the best films of the year in my opinion and I’m hoping it gets a nod when awards season comes back around.

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