Silent Hill: Revelation


Silent Hill: Revelation

One Line Review:
The culmination of why I don’t watch horror movies.

Leading the movie is Adelaide Clemens (nope me neither), as the confused Heather/Sharon or any of the other million names she has in the movie. Overall she was good, if anything the only good thing to come from the movie. Sean Bean plays her dad and oh dear how the mighty have fallen. It seems Sean has been to the Eric Banner school of accents and instead of his normal gruff northern accent, he adopts an aweful American accent, which does him no favours as it makes everything he says sound fake, wooden and horrible. His co-star from Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington seems to have studied Bean for he too was dreadful, i love both of them in GOT but here, no, just no. A shining beacon of talented hope, glimmers for about 5 mins of the movie with Malcolm McDowell’s cameo. Other than that mostly just wooden acting throughout from the rest of the supporting cast.

Where to start. First let me say I havn’t seen the first movie and let me say after this, I have no intention to. I as a rule, usually avoid horror movies, but i have taken a shine to the Resident Evil movies, thinking this was similar I gave it a look into. How wrong I was. The things I hate about Horror, are the setting up shocks rather than setting up story, the low budgets meaning less stars/good performances and the lack of any entertaining values. Now apart from the dreadful acting mentioned above, the story is coincidence after coincidence. I didn’t care for anything in the film. The “monsters” were kinda cool, I don’t know their real names but The Limbinator, Pyramid Face and The No Faced Nurse Whores were my favourites. On the Nurse Whores, if something is supposed to be frozen or inanimate for a period of time, we have cgi technology to achieve this perfectly, all of them moved, twitched and were anything but inanimate.

Recommend: If your a horror fan, maybe, everyone else, avoid.
Overall: 2/10

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