One Line Review:

Definitely my personal favourite of the Bond saga, modern day action packed, with a touch of class.


Daniel Craig of course returns as Ian Fleming’s James Bond, so nothing new to note there just a continuation of a great performance. Supporting cast and i have to say first that i loved Ben Wishaw as Q. When he first show and everything I was worried about this hipster kid taking over the iconic older part, but it worked and i love it. Ralph Finnes is a government official who, no spoilers, but keeps an eye on Bond and MI6. Javier Bardem plays the villain, and is fantastic. His character background is perfect spy action movie, and his camp yet genius take on the villain is brilliant. I liked Naomie Harris, she plays an almost Bond girl, sexy and smart, but providing a nice payoff every now and then, especially at the end.  Finally, there is one member of the cast who if doesn’t win an Oscar or every other form of award for best supporting role, it’s Dame Judi Dench as M. No spoilers to the plot, but she is more involved than in the previous movies and she is just bloody brilliant.


Again no spoilers, but the story is pretty tight. No a direct sequel to the disaster that was Quantum Of Solace, thank god. Now I personally am not a big Bond guy. I’ve seen from Tomorrow Never Dies onwards, and I saw From Russia With Love, at a special screening at Cineworld, but even then, there are certain things, that in pop culture stand out as being James Bond. This movie recognises it’s 50 year anniversary by having a lot of little moments that say ‘Yes this is a Bond movie and here this is’ I’m not going to spoil them all, but my favourite was when Bond opens a garage door and sitting there is his old Aston Martin and the Bond theme kicks in, it was satisfying to me, a movie pop culture fanboy, so real Bond fans brace yourselves. The action is very Bond over the top, there are some one liners, and the plot is very good. It leaves you and the characters guessing right up to the end. Eagle eyed viewers will see the entire plot of the film in usual Bond fashion in the opening montage as Adele sings her Skyfall song, not my cup of tea musically, but not bad.

Recommend: Definitely, as an action film and as a part of the Bond franchise.
Overall: 9/10

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