Ruby Sparks


Ruby Sparks

One Line Review: A thoroughly beautiful movie with a bit of a dark twist.

So not really a well known cast, but not a poor performance in the entire movie. Paul Dano stars as the leading male, of whom I’ve only seen before recently in Looper, and Zoe Kazan stars as the leading lady, who apart from writing the film, I’ve only seen before in Its Complicated. Both were really good. Dano brought a nerdy, kinda hipster, but very relatable character, where Kazan just brought the appropriate levels of bat shit crazy.
Co-starring is the always enjoyable Steve Coogan, as an eccentric fellow writer and Antonio Banderas who makes in-film jokes about his new facial hair looking like a dog.

I think the movie is very 500 Day Of Summer, it’s a different take on the boy meets crazy but hot girl, they fall in love, they have a rocky patch and everything ties up for the ending. That is the very bones of the plot the real meat is where the film shines. Anyone who has seen the movie or seen the trailer knows the twist im referring to, but i’ll not say any more on the actual plot, other than not much is actually explained “how” but because this isn’t a scifi movie, i as the audience didn’t care, I just wanted the story to keep going.
There’s plenty to love, plenty to relate to, plenty the laugh with and even when the plot turns into a dark place, turning the lead into some form of Batman villain, we still manage to connect with all the characters.

Recommend: Definitely, something for everyone!
Overall: 9/10

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