Taken 2


Taken 2

One Line Review: A fast action sequel we didn’t really need.

Liam Neeson. Enough said? No? Well unfortunately Liam Neeson has gone through a slight transformation. He was once a really good actor who surprised us with the first Taken on how good of an action star he is. He did it again in Unknown which if memory serves was ok. However with this un-necessary sequel he’s changed. When Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone do a movie you expect the action to be hard, fast and plentiful, but the acting and the dialogue to have taken a hit. That’s what’s happened here. Neeson is giving us all some awesome action moments (the entire film is like an action sequence) but seems to have forgotten how to act. The only person, in my opinion who can do both now is Jason Statham. Now I’m pretty sure this is the start of a buddy cop movie, that I would watch, MWWTS I hope your reading this, hint hint.
Supporting cast nods go to Maggie Grace (Daughter in this and the first Taken) and Rade Serbedzija (Big villain in this and was in Snatch and Batman Begins)

I think I kind of blew my load on this in the top section, but it’s a short movie that really didn’t excel my expectations really, besides Neeson’s performance. There are some really good parts of the film, and it’s got a really fast pase, but i thought it wasn’t as clever as the first. In the first he was using all his cool agent smarts to do anything and the writers didn’t bring anything new in, he’s just remembering things and hearing things, then shooting everyone. The only interesting part is the premise of the plot, around the family of the henchmen Neeson killed in the first movie. A nice idea, executed poorly.

Recommend: Yes but don’t rush out.
Overall: 6/10

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