Bourne Legacy


Bourne Legacy

One Line Review:
The Phantom Menace curse strikes again, aka a horrible restart to an already existing trilogy.

Ok so just off the bat you know i didn’t like this movie, but i dont think that’s the fault of the actors. Jeremy Renner was awesome in both Mission Impossible and Avengers, in this he’s a little flatter, but still pretty good. Edward Norton showing us, that even as a useless character, he can still be really good. Rachel Weisz, despite a recognisable name, I can’t name one of her flicks I’ve seen. Again, she was rely good. Other than the already mentioned not much else to say on cast, just alright performances all round.

This movie is so boring. The first hour nothing exciting happens, then we get one good scene where new Bourne, Aaron, saves a doctor friend, who he has had zero contact with apart from a couple of government checkups. That scene was pretty good. Everything is down hill from there. Loads more nothing, a bland chase sequence though a favella and a lame car chase all leading to a conclusion where we still kinda know as much as we did at the beginning. The whole time the CIA or some form of US government agency is trying to take them out, failing at every step. The entire movie is anticlimactic and really boring.

Recommend: Only if your really wanting more from Dread stone and the Bourne operation, otherwise avoid.
Overall: 3/10

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