One Line Review: Best comedy this year so far.

Mark Wahlberg leads the cast in Seth “Family Guy” MacFarlane’s live action movie debut. He plays comedy really well and is really good in this, which is surprising as i didn’t like The Other Guys. His sidekick and titular character of Ted is voiced by MacFarlane himself, donning his well known “Peter Griffin” voice for the character. I would have liked to have heard a fresh new voice to show MacFarlane’s voice talents, but still the voice works fine and the animation of Ted is brilliant. Also starring is Mila Kunis, who’s character I don’t think gave her the wiggle room to shine, but she was still funny and insanely good looking throughout the movie. Supporting roles from familiar Family Guy voice cast include Patrick Warburton, Patrick Stewart and my favourite, Ralph Garman. Highlight of the supporting cast has to be Joel McHale playing Mila Kunis’ boss and is hilarious.
Also starring Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) and Nora Jones as themselves.

So the movie is a non-stop hilarity fest. What I did appreciate is that it’s not the too over the top humour we’ve come to expect from MacFarlane’s other work. None of those annoying long drawn out supposed to be funny moments and just lots of pure humour. From all the scenes in the trailer to so much more, but you’ll have to see it for yourself to appreciate them raw. The story is nothing we’ve not seen before, but the addition of Ted is what sparks the humour. On the topic I had wondered how the world of Ted was explained, with the whole “a bear is alive” thing, but a nice former-celebrity thing leaves way for the plot to flow. The movie also has plenty of references to other cool movies, if anything I should say it’s “2012’s Paul”.

Recommend: Definitely.
Overall: 9/10

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