The Amazing Spider-Man

Gwen Stacey (Stone) cleans up Peter Parker (Garfield) after a fight.

The Amazing Spider-Man

One Line Review:

A super fun movie, despite my total lack of interest in the character.


So a reboot of a movie franchise requires a new lead, so replacing Toby Maguire is The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield. Honestly I preferred Garfield to the original. Maguire was kinda dopey all the time, whereas Garfield is just a straight forward nerd type, and he was good throughout the movie. One of my female friends said that they really fancy him, and I couldn’t help notice that throughout the movie whenever he’s just in a scene doing his thing, he looks fine, but whenever he is ‘acting’ and showing emotion, his face scrunches up and he looks a little weird. Nothing about the film really but whatever. So instead of the Kristen Dunst MJ character, this film takes it more comic book and introduces Gwen Stacey, played by the always hot, always talented, always funny, Emma Stone (Easy A). She succeeds on every way possible. New version means new villain and we have Rys Ifans (Mr Nice) as Dr Connors who becomes The Lizard. Yet another actor who lives up to his previous high quality roles.
Supporting cast nods to Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben and Dennis Leary as Gwen Stacey’s police chief father.


Despite my uber nerd status, the only Spiderman lore I know is from the first three movies, so I can’t review this from an accurate point if view, but I am informed that this is more comic friendly than the first three. So notable differences from the first movies: Well instead of the webbing being genetic, it’s created by OsCorp and Parker keeps it attached to him through an OsCorp projectile device. The spiderbite does still give him his heightened strength, speed, wall climbing and spidey-senses.
There are a few moments in the movie that I was surprised to be bored in. Several usually involving Parker and Stacey talking, about what’s happening. Now again I don’t know much Spiderman lore, but superhero rule number 1: DONT TELL ANYONE YOUR SECRET IDENTITY. Parker spends this entire film telling everyone who he is. There’s a new suit compared with the last movies, other than looking slightly different, he buys it rather than sewing it himself like in the first movie.
The Lizard is an alright villain, and he gives hope that Killer Croc could be a good villain in a Batman movie. I did like his brains meet brawn thing, there’s a cool moment when he’s fighting Spiderman and he mixes up a couple of chemicals and creates a bomb. Just little things like that i liked. However, I don’t get Lizard’s villain thing. He wants to mess with the city because if his own personal struggle and i didn’t really care for it. There could have been just a simple Lizard VS Spiderman thing, especially when Parker is idiot enough to leave his name on a camera that Lizard finds.One of my fave parts was after Spidey saves a guy at the beginning, that guy helps him out at the end. It’s a cool moment and I think it’s his official birth as a superhero.

Really, despite my lack of interest in Spiderman, i had fun with this movie. It’s probably second to Spiderman 2 in Spiderman rankings. The cgi is pretty tight, but just like the others, there are several blurry areas when you don’t know what or where to look.

Recommend: Yea, but i wouldn’t rush out for it.
Overall: 7/10

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