Killer Joe

Killer Joe

One Line Review:
Not my usual cup of tea, very weird, very disturbing.


Matthew McConaughey stars in the leading titular character, however his first main role I’ve seen him in, aside from his small role in Tropic Thunder. He achieves the creepy vibe of the character and has the Southern US States accent down. The only other familiar face/name is Thomas Haden Church (George Of The Jungle, Easy A) who plays the dumb redneck father.


I’m skipping the rest of the cast because I need to point out that I didn’t really enjoy the movie. There were several humorous moments, but the first half building up to the twist is boring, long and drawn out. Then the weird shit happens, of which I had no idea what was coming. To be fair it was as funny as it was disturbing. I’ll not go into any of the details, butlet the words “oral” and “KFC” speak for the worst. The movie ends with a rather quick conclusion, which i was quite disapointed by.

Recommend: Fans of disturbing movies sure, everyone else: avoid.
Overall: 3/10

One thought on “Killer Joe

  1. Like you mention, I think this film splits people’s opinions.
    You know that saying, ‘on the edge of your seat’? I don’t think I’ve experienced that until I saw Killer Joe. It was difficult to watch but in opposition to you, I think that makes it a good movie.
    I think it’s meant to be awkward, I think it’s perfectly acted and the KFC moment in particular had me covering my eyes. I think the only downfall of Killer Joe is it’s primary lack of direction.

    Before I went in to the screening I’d read it was a dark comedy and I think unless people know that, they may take it a bit too seriously.

    Either way, thought it was an interesting film. I’m writing my review of it later today 🙂

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