The 5 Year Engagement.

Main cast, early on in the film.

The 5 Year Engagement

One Line Review:

Jason Segal, Emily Blunt, Alison Brie and a load of supporting cast ginger beards, how could I not love this movie.


I love everything Jason Segal has done. From Slackers to The Muppets, every movie he’s been in he’s awesome. This is obviously no different. Emily Blunt I’ve only just turned my attention to ever since Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, she’s really good in both that and this. Did you know I’m a big Community fan? No? I am. Love that show and I love Alison Brie. Not only is she in this film, she dons a British accent and plays Emily Blunt’s sister. Genius. Love it! Rhys Ifans playing a good role too. Unknown to me before this film is Chris Pratt, but he was funny.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; im a sucker for Rom Coms. I’ve got a fair few in my top 20 and this is no exception. I loved it. It’s not When Harry Met Sally levels of awesome, but definitely good. The plot and the story is either given in the trailer/title of the film or can be easily figured out throughout. What is unique to this is the cast and the comedy that comes from them. Be it an argument in Sesame Street character voices or crazy psychology tests. What let’s the film down slightly is the end. No spoilers, but again it’s obvious that the plot is going to end with a certain thing happening, and the third act building up to it was rather slow, but the ending sequence is awesome, I just wanted to be the character in the film.

Recommend: Definitely.

Overall: 8/10

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