Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abe and his axe

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

One Line Review:
Non stop fun, even if the plot has a million holes in it.

Not many AList performances in here, but what there is, is alright. Benjamin Walker leads as the man himself, Abraham Lincoln, and gave a good performance. Nothing award winning, but good. Dominic Cooper (Captain America’s Stark) plays Lincoln’s vampiric killing mentor, and same goes for him and the rest of the cast. Rufus Sewell as the leader of the Vampires, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lincoln’s wife Mary, Anthony Mackie as Abe’s friend and Jimmi Simpson (Mary from the TV show Psych) as Abe’s boss.

Now being British born and bred, the only American history I know is little bits that i can remember from kids tv shows (Fairy Odd Parents mainly) so i cant comment on any of the historical accuracy, if there is any (kinda like Tarrentino’s Inglorious Bastards) but the story has a fair few holes in it. I’ll not list them all of, especially as I can only remember one of them but the big one is; right at the start Dominic Cooper says he will teach us how Vampires survive in the sun and then never tells us, but Vampires roam free in the day, kinda like Batman in the 60’s tv show.
Other than that the plot flows very quickly, rarely stopping for 5mins to figure things out. Anytime Lincoln has that axe out is awesome. He swings it around and bloody hell its awesome. With the axe its a wonder Zach Snyder didn’t direct this with all the slow-mo shots used in action sequences. There’s a weird scene with a load of rampaging horses and the character manage never to fall when jumping from horse to horse, very video game-esque. Other than that the rest is fun to watch. I’m not rushing to pre order the dvd, but it’s a good watch.

Recommend: Yes definitely worth a watch.
Overall: 8/10

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