Snow White and The Huntsman

This picture summarises the good points in the movie.

Snow White and The Huntsman

One Line Review:
A terrible re-imagining saved only by the dwarves and Thor.

Kristen Stewart proving that she really does have a limited range of emotions. I counted 3 smirks in the film and the rest her usual state of depression. Chris Hemsworth stealing the show both talented and better looking. Charilze Theron looking good, but seemed very Hollywood Babble On “Exquisite Acting” section.
Dwarves include Toby Jones, Nick Frost, Ray Winston and Bon Hoskins.

The plot is boring. Some cool CGI on a troll but nothing I’ve not already seen in Troll Hunter. Everybody knows the rest of the story really.
This is probably the worst review I’ve ever written. Mainly due to the 2/3 week gap between finishing the review and seeing the movie, a little bit due to my lack of interest in it.

Recommend: Not really no.
Overall: 3/10

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