Fassbender’s David activates the alien machines.

Prometheus (IMAX)

One Line Review:

One small step for man, one giant leap for sci-fi movie kind.



Ok, im going to go through the cast but I’m going to start by saying 99% of the cast was fantastic. AList performances galore. So, in the lead we have The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo herself Noomi Rapace, her boyfriend played by (new to me) Logan Marshall-Green, David the cyborg played by the always good Michael Fassbender and the Weyland rep Charilze Theron. Bringing up the rest of the cast is one of my favourite actors, Idris Elba (The Gatekeeper from Thor) and, you read the spoiler warning right, (?) Guy Pearce as Mr Weyland himself. The only cast members that annoyed me was the character of Ford, played by Kate Dickie. Unfortunately for her I disliked her accent which made her acting sound very wooden.


Where to start. Well the opening credits are beautiful. Big, wide,sweeping shots of Icelandic countryside. Then we kick into the real movie, as seen in the trailers, which is a message leading to planet far away, so a team of scientists go exploring.
There isn’t a single slow moment in this entire film. It’s fast paced but just quick enough to get everything. From finding the “engineer” race (the huge main aliens in the film, as seen in the first Alien film as the ‘space jocky’ pilot of the Alien ship. Kinda look like Sten from the first Dragon Age game) the first time, to then finding out their true agenda. So the plot shows at the beginning these engineers giving life to Earth. Then for whatever reason they decide to build Weapons Of Mass Destruction to take out earth, but the bio-weapon goes off killing 99% of the bad guys. But when the one is restored instead of giving answers he decides to complete his mission. So the engineers aren’t the only alien race, we see worms bio-transformed into giant leeches, we see baby human octopuses and remember spoilers, some species of Xenomorph (Alien from the Alien movies) being born. A lot of the lore gets messed up there because the one created in this film has to be different somehow to the “aliens” due to the Predator movies explaining they use the aliens to hunt in that arctic pyramid.
Alien fans rejoice, it is said this is set in the Alien world but not a direct prequel, so there are a million and one things to notice in the movie. I’ll not go through them, but Alien fans keep your eyes peeled.

This film has the perfect blend of mild horror and Sci Fi that we Alien fans have come to expect. The one thing that cheeses me off slightly, is the very Alien-esque ending, where the lead female and the robot’s head are the only survivors, and setting up for a sequel, which in the long run bring it on, but as an ending a bit annoying. Also the very last scene at the end. We see the one remaining Sten guy, who got raped by the giant octopus thing, start to spaz out and wham a Xenomorph burst out of his chest, credits. So we see how a Xenomorph is created. People i went with asked about how this can link with the whole Alien VS Predator lore that they have been fighting since the dawn of time. Now either time travel is involved, or this is a new species of Xenomorph, or as these “engineer” aliens are older than life on earth, there is nothing saying they didn’t do this long before life on earth and created the Xenomorphs as jut another weapon to destroy another planet they terraformed before Earth. Did any of that make any sense?

Also quick note to say that IMAX was beautiful as always. The 3D is a bit lacking, so if you’re not going IMAX, I’d go 2D.

Recommend: definitely a must see.
Overall: 10/10

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