What To Expect When Your Expecting

The “dude group”, or “The only saving grace of this movie”.[polldaddy poll=6279768]

What To Expect When Your Expecting

One Line Review:

Not as bad as I was expecting , but still not fantastic.


Ok filled with I know that person from that movie people so I’ll try to accommodate. First the women: Elizabeth Banks (Zach and Miri) is the stand out here, but that’s hardly a surprise as she’s so awesome anyway. JLO (Maid In Manhattan and Jersey Girl) and Cameron Diaz (Something About Mary) were surprisingly bland and boring. Brooklyn Decker (Not seen her in anything before) wasn’t bad, but didn’t stand out. Anna Kendrick (Scott Pilgrim VS The World) was good, not Elizabeth Banks good, but second best.

Now the lads: Ben Falcone (Joey, the tv series) was my personal favourite. Both Chace Crawford and Matthew Morrison, i haven’t seen before in a movie, and to be honest neither shone as comedic actors. Finally Dennis Quaid (GI:Joe) was good and really funny.

Other cast members to note are Chris Rock and Thomas Lennon, two really good comedic actors showing the others how to do it properly.


I don’t want to come of as a sexist, but i feel this movie really was more Rom than Com. I mean RomComs are some of my favourite films (see my Flickchart for proof) but this seemed a very female film. So coincidentally i was bored through most of the story plot stuff. There are however some really funny moments in the film. Most of these moments come from Chris Rock and his group of dad’s that go to the park with their kids. Most of their dialogue is funny, but the stand out in the film, is Chris Rock’s kid, who is physically punished throughout and is so funny, from having a football kicked at him, to getting caught and tangled in a football net, to falling down a load of stairs after a beer can hits him in the face. These moments do save the film from being a total borefest.

Recommend: Maybe the women might like it more, I personally for the blog say guys avoid it, unless you go with your significant other
Overall: 5/10

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