Men In Black 3

Josh Brolin and Will Smith in MIB3

Men In Black 3

One Line Review:

No high comedy or action moments, but still kinda fun and has a really strong ending.


Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith return as agents K and J. Both don’t really need much explaining they play the same performance and characters from the previous 2 movies plus Tommy Lee is awesome in anything he does, sorry Will but Pursuit Of Happiness and I Am Legend I never liked, but i was the only person to like Wild Wild West. Anyway the biggest stand out is Josh Brolin. He took the character we all know as Tommy Lee Jones and gave it to us again. It sounds a bit weird but it totally works. No spoilers but there are some scenes at the end where K is in “peril” and there are a few closeup shots that totally could have been Tommy Lee, that and his general performance throughout. Other mentions for Emma Thompson, as her usual awesome self, Michael Stuhlbarg for my favourite character in the film; an alien who lives in 5 dimensions, and to Michael Chernus, not for an awesome role but just simply looking like me. Watch out for cameos by Bill Hader and Will Arnet.


As a stand alone film, this is actually pretty poor. As (hopefully) the closure to a trilogy, it’s really good. It’s Back To The Future 3, wouldn’t be very good on its own but makes a good closure movie. As I put in my one line review, there are some comedic moments in this film but they aren’t that great. There are some action scenes and apart from the scifi setting of MIB3, they aren’t all that original. The story behind the villain is good, the subplot mystery behind K’s grouchy personality is really good, which becomes part of the really good ending I talked about, no spoilers. So yea there’s fun to be had but go in low expectations and you’ll be ok.

Recommend: If your a fan of the original 2 movies, then definitely. If not then miss.
Overall: 5/10

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